The Bonga Castle The Bonga Castle Bongan Linna


The inspiring gallery of the professor, artist Riitta Nelimarkka in the city of Loviisa, Finland, (1 hour drive east of Helsinki)

The Gallery tour

The tour around the castle includes guiding and possibility to purchase items in the gallery shop. Soft drinks available. Cakes upon request. The Bonga Castle is open upon reservation around the year.

The Gallery tour: Rate 8 €/person, min admission 160 €/group.


The Bonga Castle

The Bonga Castle

The Gallery and Studio tour

The tour gives a unique possibility to see the artist studio and works in progress. The visit takes 60 min. The Bonga Castle is open upon reservation around the year.

The Gallery and Studio tour: Rate 10 eur/person. min admission 200 eur/group (max 55 pax).


The Bonga Castle

The Bonga Castle

Facts about the Bonga Castle

Bonga Castle is a 2000 m2 patrician castle from 1906 and has been renovated to the original 1920 classical style. The gallery takes up 1/3 of the castle and shows the most essential part of the artist production. The spacious gallery is filled with light and vibrating colours.

The Bonga Castle

Current Events


Welcome to the summer exhibition at Bonga LA FORZA DEL COLORE!

This year the rooms of exhibition in the 111 years old building have been renewed. The old room for billiards and the spacious dining room have been remade. We present unique statues of glass under the heading ”Miniatures for skyscrapers in different deserts e.g. Kalahari”, and also multi-layered photomontages with mystic flavours from the series ”Softness - Les mélodieux”.

Bonga also exhibits about 200 colourful works from earlier years, ranging from small drawings to lush reliefs in wool and paintings. |

Bonga in Heritage in Motion and Europa NostraRiitta Nelimarkka

Woolen Flower girl


New Works 2017 – 2018 | Creations with the Magic of their own

Lemmenusvaa yllä tammikuisen lahden, fotomontaasi 2017

At Bonga you will also see newly completed wild, small statues made of wool &wood, “Characters” alias “The Barbers of Seville”, also magic glass boxes, “Miniature glasales”, whose colour scales take their synaesthesia from real life, and the Post-Impressionist Les Faunes, Faunit with glass and photomontage.

The Bonga Castle

Some of the techniques used in the works are new, and the message of the exhibition, if we want to look for one, is zest for life amid vulnerability and surviving a decline in mental powers. People are capable of being funny and good, even in an almost lost cause and, apart from the achievements of science, love conquers all: amor vincit omnia.

Bonga Castle is 111 years old this year and has been described as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

During the 30 years that we have been renovating it, the edifice has come to form a unique symphonic entity, whose pieces are gradually beginning to find their place. That entity does indeed produce a variant on itself each spring, but its fundamental mode of being remains a single, coherent whole.

Open for public: From friday to sunday cl. 1pm–4pm, June, July and August.

By appointment throughout the year.

Contacts:, +358 50 5900 650, +358 500 461 925 |
Linnankuja, 07900 Loviisa, Finland. From church 50 meters to south.

Reservations +358 400 729 421,
Seneca office +358 500 461 925,

Vanhan ja upea kivilinna Loviisassa (HS kuukausiliite 4.3.2017)
Riitta Nelimarkka rakastaa värejä (Taloustaito 2.3.2017)
"Kummituslinnasta kuoriutui taideteos" (Kotimaassa lehti 1/2017)
Words of wisdom (AEE article 21.3.2016 -

Information and Reservations

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Enquiries and reservations: +358 400 729 421
Office: +358 500 461 925

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